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The iTavli application provides 10 different types of backgammon like games:

  • Backgammon (Portes)
  • Blockgammon (Plakoto)
  • Narde (Fevga)
  • Gulbara
  • Acey-Deucey (American & European)
  • Nackgammon
  • Tawla 31
  • Moultezim
  • Gioul

You may also start a tournament, where you play the first three games, in this order, until one of the players achieves the winning score.

You can play against the A.I (three levels of difficulty) or against other online players or against your FB friends

iTavli is available for PC, iOS, Android and Kindle devices. Please click on the images at the bottom of the screen to get to the corresponding store.

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