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How unbiased the dice really is

It is time to check whether the dice is unbiased or not. Some people have complained that the A.I., may roll doubles more frequently than statistics would dictate. Now, with the help of the online game, we can determine how well the algorithm, that Apple has developed, is doing to compute the outcome from rolling two dice.

When we roll two dice, their sum would have a value between 2 and 12. The number that has the highest probability is 7, the numbers that have the second highest probability are 6 and 8, and so on so forth. In the following chart, we plot the theoretical value (black line), and the one from the online games. If these two lines concide, the dice is unbiased, and we can not complain that it favors one or the other player. If they do not concide, the dice is biased and we have to use a different algorithm to compute the outcome from rolling the dices.

This plot is constantly being updated! Up to now, the dice have been rolled: 0 times

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