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Version 4.0

  • New code for online game
  • Better A.I. for Portes and Plakoto games

Version 3.8

Seven games were added:

  • Gul bara
  • Acey-Deucey (American)
  • Acey-Deucey (European)
  • Nackgammon
  • Gioul
  • Tawla 31
  • Moultezim

Version 3.7

This version has a new, easy to navigate, interface.

Version 3.6

Starting with this version you can watch old games. In particular you can watch games played in the current month, but not tournament games or games were one player abandoned the game. In order to watch a game go to the "Online Statistics" screen, and then tap on a players' name. In the next screen you see the games that that player has played in the current month. You tap on a game and the playback is started.

The online statistics are grouped by year and month. Thus, on the first screen you see the overall statistics, and if you long press on a single player you can see some detailed statistics about this player in the previous periods.

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