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Transfer Files

In order to transfer files you need to follow the following three rules:

  • Firstly you select the source service
  • Secondly, you select the files that you want to transfer (you may copy, move or delete file), and
  • Finally, you select the target service

Please, remember that if you choose to delete a file then that file is permanently deleted and you can not recover it.

When you click on the "Transfer Files" button, Rainbow will start transfering files from the source cloud service to the target one. While Rainbow transfers a file, if it encounters an error then that file is not transferred. Although we do not display the error message, the most common one is that a file with the same name already exists in the target folder.

Version 1.7 enables one to simultaneously transfer files from many accounts to a single folder in an account. You may find some instructions about it under the "ScreenShots" tab.

Transfer Folders

The process to transfer a folder is the same with the one to transfer file(s). The only difference is that now you select the folder that you want to transfer and not the file. You can select one folder to transfer at the time, and, as it is expected, you can not copy a folder to itself. If you chose to delete a folder, then all its contents are also deleted! This includes its subfolders and their contents too!!


Because the files are transferred in the background, you receive a notification when the process is over. That notification informs you if everything went OK or if there was a problem with a file / folder. If you do not receive that notification then definitely something went wrong. Still, you need to wait some time for this notification to appear.

When you work with folders, even though everything could be OK and all files / folders are transferred, it is wise to double check on them, before you delete a folder. Once again, be extremely cautious when you delete a folder

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